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The Chapters

A game this long needs to be broken into more palatable segments. Here's the chapter list, delineated along logical segments of the plotline and dungeons / instances:

  1. Start [Coming to (Limsa Lominsa / Ul'dah / Gridania) - The (Lominsan / Ul'dahn / Gridanian) Envoy]
  2. The Airship Tour [The (Lominsan / Ul'dahn / Gridanian) Envoy - It's Probably Pirates]
  3. First Dungeons [It's Probably Pirates - Into a Copper Hell]
  4. Ifrit, Scions, Army [Into a Copper Hell - The Company You Keep]
  5. Toto Rak [The Company You Keep - Into the Beast's Maw]
  6. Ala Mhigo & Haukke [Into the Beast's Maw - Wrath of the Titan]
  7. Titan [Wrath of the Titan - Lord of Crags]
  8. From Cid to Coerthas [All Good Things - Cold Reception]
  9. Stone Vigil [Cold Reception - In Pursuit of the Past]
  10. Garuda [In Pursuit of the Past - Lady of the Vortex]
  11. Mor Dhonan Rescue [Lady of the Vortex - Escape from Castrum Centri]
  12. Rhitatyn to Bluefog [Escape from Castrum Centri - Rock the Castrum]
  13. Castrum Meridanum [Rock the Castrum - Rock the Castrum]
  14. Praetorium [The Ultimate Weapon - The Ultimate Weapon]

Speedrun Rules - Netflix Extra Life 2019

Rules from speedrun.com, accessed Oct 26 2019 12:43PM EDT: (Ruleset: MSQ / ARR / Coop / RT70 / SS)

Timer start after creating a new character Timer end after finishing the MSQ quest "Before the Dawn" in patch 2.55 (Before the Fall Part 2) Rules: 1.Using the Delivery Moogle is NOT allowed 2.FC/FC Buffs are NOT allowed 3.Market Board and Trading is NOT allowed 4.No Premade Parties unless doing Coop(players must make new characters and have a recording)(Any characters joining the party that are not stated in the submission will render the run invalid) 5.Any Pre-orders/recruit a friend bonus is NOT allowed Preferred servers are allowed Runs done as single segment.

Rule Modifications:

Rule additions:

The rules from previous speedruns are archived here.